(February 7, 2023 - Washington, D.C.) –  The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has released its 2023 Trends Outlook report , examining societal shifts and economic trends impacting the design profession and the role of design in addressing issues in our world.

In 2023, ASID’s research finds that health and wellness continue to be top priorities in both residential and commercial design, with an emphasis on design solutions for the changing lifestyles and needs of older Americans. ASID’s research also explores how design is being impacted by the global mental health crisis, consumers’ demands for sustainability, and a new wave of technology that brings with it the need for artificial intelligence and designing for the metaverse. Key findings include:

A global reckoning with mental health needs is driving a new ethos in design. Modifications can make interior environments more suitable and supportive for persons with mental health issues and can help aid in reducing environmental factors that can contribute to feelings of stress and unease.

Health and wellness remain top priorities in the built environment. ASID’s report identified a growing trend towards holistic healthy living, and interior design that addresses both the mind and body. New design choices can range from the choice of colors, lighting and daylighting, and the use of plants and natural materials to adding spa-like bathrooms and retreat spaces for exercise and meditation.

Consumers want to protect the planet and are making sustainable choices. Consumers, including home buyers, are placing increasing emphasis on sustainability as a value guiding their purchasing choices, with increasing numbers of consumers saying they are willing to pay a purchase premium for sustainability.

Older adults are rethinking their post-work lives, opting for “rewirement” instead of retirement. Of all retirees, ASID found that 61 percent end up returning to work at least part-time. About half of those who return to work prefer a hybrid work arrangement.  Workplaces are adapting to support a multigenerational workforce.

Design for video conferencing, social media content creation and influencer marketing. ASID found that an increasing number of residential and commercial spaces are being modified to make them Instagram- and Zoom-worthy. With an ever-growing reliance on videoconferencing for remote work and the proliferation of photo and video apps, content creators desire backgrounds that showcase their personal brand, and designers are supporting this trend with accent walls, decorative objects and other visual features that show off their clients’ personalities.

Designing in and for the metaverse is gaining momentum as a design specialty. Forward-thinking companies are already exploring how they might use the metaverse to engage with customers. Lifestyle and fashion brands are using graphic and interior designers to create innovative, stunning artificial reality (AR) environments such as retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, and pop-up spaces. Recent articles from design publications have urged interior designers to “get on board,” even going so far as to creating Metaverse design awards for interior and architectural firms to showcase their work done within the digital space.

Some offices are being converted, while others are becoming more inclusive and accessible for neurodivergent employees.

ASID’s research examined the “adaptive reuse” trend in offices being converted into residential spaces. Elsewhere in workplace design, the Outlook Report shows that design for neurodiversity is increasingly popular, as employers are providing flexible and adaptable work environments that support neurodivergent workforces.

“Perhaps at no other time in history has interior design played such a significant role in addressing some of society's most pressing challenges,” said Khoi Vo, ASID CEO. “Designers are responding to changing needs in their communities by creating new spaces or adapting existing ones to make a positive impact on places where people live, work, play, heal, or learn.”

The Trends Outlook is the first report in ASID’s three-part Outlook report series; parts two and three, the Economic Outlook and State of Interior Design, will be released later this spring. The series is sponsored by Sherwin Williams. The Trends Report is included in ASID membership, and is available for download  for $150 for non-members.

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