Chapter Structure & Elections


The ASID leadership term year runs from October 1 – September 30. As outlined in the Society’s By-Laws and Policies, the ASID model for the eight (8) member Chapter Board is as follows:

  • President: 1-year term (2023-2024)
  • President-elect: 1-year term (2023-2024); advances to President following term
  • Financial Director: 2-year term (2023-2025)
  • Communications Director: 2-year term ((2023-2025)
  • Professional Development Director: 2-year term (2023-2025)
  • Membership Director: 2-year term (2024-2026)
  • At-Large Director: 2-year term (2024-2026)
  • Student Representative to the Board (SRB): 1-year term (2023-2024) *Appointed by the Board


The ASID Arizona North Chapter Nominating Committee has nominated the following ASID members to serve on the ASID Arizona North Chapter Board beginning October 1, 2024. The following members are on this slate. Click on each member’s name to access their biographical information:

  • ____________ for President-Elect 2024-2025
  • Amanda Pienta, ASID Industry Partner for Director-At-Large 2024-2026
  • ____________ for Membership Director 2024-2026




The basic functions of an ASID Chapter President-Elect are: to assume the responsibilities of the chapter president in his or her absence; to assist the chapter president in carrying out the functions of that office and perform specific duties delegated by the chapter president; and to facilitate the chapter board in understanding its role and responsibilities.

This position shall be used as orientation for advancement as the future chapter presidency.


The Chapter Financial Director is responsible for financial oversight. They assist with the chapter strategic plan, work plan, and budget; work with the Chapter Administrator to handle all chapter funds, oversee the chapter’s checking, savings and investment accounts, and report on the chapter’s income and expenses, bank balances and financial well-being. The Director also submits a quarterly chapter financial report, which is required by the Society’s guidelines and is responsible for all tax returns (990, 990T, and any state returns).


The Communications Director is responsible for ensuring that all communications from the chapter are in compliance with the Society’s brand and stylistic standards. It is critical that the Director work closely with the communications and knowledge resources team at ASID Headquarters to ensure both have the most current information. The Director recruits additional volunteers or uses a service provider to assist with producing the chapter newsletter, website and other communications materials.


Chapter Professional Development Directors are responsible for providing emerging professionals programming. Each chapter has differing needs depending on the size and composition of their emerging professionals membership and the market. Directors should ensure that the chapter advancement program offerings…

  • Are aligned with your chapter’s strategic plan
  • Address the needs of the emerginging professionals membership & market
  • Address the needs of various practitioner levels and specialties
  • Introduce members to content that they might not know is critical


The Chapter Membership Director’s responsibilities may vary depending on the size, composition, and geography of the chapter and the chapter’s resources, but serves to promote, engage and highlight existing and new membership via programming and retention efforts.

Establishing a membership committee will allow the director to delegate some tasks to others. Also, Headquarters staff can help with some aspects of member recruitment or retention efforts.

Membership Directors might help new members become involved in all relevant chapter activities; invite them to serve on a committee; and/or highlight their talents and help them find their ‘place’ on a committee or subgroup to get them involved and actively engaged in chapter events.


The At-Large Director’s  focus is on Industry Partners relations.

All At-Large Directors, regardless of any other responsibilities determined by the chapter, are to provide chapter members with information regarding the Society’s professional standards and code of ethics and the proper use of member appellations, and to funnel reports of ethics violations and appellation abuses that arise within the chapter to the government and public affairs department at ASID headquarters for processing.