Committees and Chairpersons

Call for Volunteers!

All Chapter members have an opportunity to be active participants in our Chapter! Below is a list of committees with a brief description of the responsibilities, as well as the Board member who oversees that committee. As your schedule allows, please consider how you can bring your area of expertise and past talents to aid your Chapter.

You can contact the respective Board member directly with questions or join the committee. We’ve tried to make it easy for everyone to participate!


Board Member: Communications Director: Christina Dickinson, ASID,

Communications--Desert Design Magazine

Chair/Editor: Paige Lewis, Allied ASID, 

The Desert Design Magazine (DDM) is a tri-annual issue print publication.

  • The magazine reaches approximately 800 practitioner members and industry partners by mail and available to the public in a digital version.
  • Researches relevant articles related to our industry for publication.
  • Coordinate intake of articles for each issue.
  • Submits all information to the Graphic Designer.
  • Supervises the proofing process

Communications--Social Media

Chair: Susan Solliday, ASID

  • ­Updates our Social Media sites.
  • Promotes ASID Chapter events and member news.

Communications – Graphics

Chair: Eileen Burick, Industry Partner Rep, ­

  • Chapter event flyer production
  • Work with Administrator to include pertinent information

Communications – Website

Chair: OPEN

  • Update information on the website and blog posts driving SEO for our content and membership
  • Work with Administrator to include pertinent information


Board Member: Membership Director: Christine Rhodes, Industry Partner Rep


Chair: Christine Rhodes, Industry Partner Rep,

  • Establishes Membership Meeting focus and venues.
  • ­Recruits speakers and coordinates travel logistics as required.
  • ­Coordinates contracts and insurance requirements with venues.
  • ­Coordinates meeting logistics (seating, food & beverage, AV, handouts, etc)


Chair: Laurie Clark, Industry Partner Rep, ­

  • Assists at membership meetings and events to meet and greet arriving members & guests ­
  • Assist with registration check­in ­
  • Ambassadors are outgoing and welcoming ­
  • Have knowledge about the chapter to answer questions ­
  • Provide general guidance during events

Membership – Recruitment, and Retention

Chair: Christine Rhodes, Industry Partner Rep,

  • Promote new membership in ASID ­
  • Work to retain ASID existing members ­
  • Work to engage and retain

Professional Level Members Membership – Mentoring Program

Chair: OPEN

  • ­Establish a mentoring program between
  • Professional Members and Allied Members who seek to elevate their current business or branch into a secondary area of expertise.
  • Promote advancement of practices through NCIDQ professional accreditation


Board Member: Professional Development Director: Teri Smithers, ASID

Emerging Professionals

Chair: Lisa Giacomino, Industry Partner Rep,

  • ­Supports designers in the early stages of their career and practitioners seeking to improve their practices ­
  • Fosters networking with peers ­
  • Promotes working with Industry Partners
  • ­Develop Emerging Professionals Mentoring program ­
  • Coordinate program to help prepare for the NCIDQ exam

Student Affairs

Co-Chairs: Esther Gonzalez, ASID, & Wanda Frederick, ASID,

  • Works with College Interior Design ASID Chapters & Design Groups to educate and encourage student interest in ASID
  • ­Coordinates student activities ­
  • Coordinates Real World Design Week ­
  • Oversight of Student Charrette Competition ­
  • Oversight of Scholarship Program for Student Advancement to Allied ASID Membership ­


Board Member: Director­ at ­Large: Leann Fernald, Industry Partner Rep, at-­

Donuts & Dialogue & Drive-Thru

­Chair: Janet Jackson, Allied ASID,

  • Monthly Program for designers and Industry Partners
  • Promote marketing assistance and networking opportunities ­
  • Assist Industry Partners in promoting their business with ASID practitioners
  • ­Encourage cross-promotion and business opportunities with other Industry Partners


Board Member: Finance Director: Wanda Frederick, ASID

Interior Designer for Hire

Chair: Kristina Eddy, Industry Partner Rep

  • Chapter outreach to the Community ­
  • Chapter Fundraiser – designers donate their time from February 1st through April 30th each year
  • ­Goal is to raise awareness of interior design by making it affordable to people who might not ordinarily seek out professional design services. ­
  • Public is charged a fee of $199 for one hour consultation or $299 for two-hour consultation ­
  • Assist homeowners with questions they may have about the interior of their home



Board Member: President: Jennifer Biffer, ASID,

Design Excellence Awards

Chair:  OPEN

  • Annual Awards Gala honoring chapter leaders, sponsors, and special community awards ­
  • Honors Design Excellence Awards Contest Winners
  • ­Committee has multiple responsibilities including:
    • ­Awards Competition – Forms, Submission, Judging & Awards ­
    • Awards Presentation ­
    • Awards Gala – Venue Coordination, Event Theme, Food & Beverage





Chapter Historian

Chair: Susan Solliday, ASID,

  • ­Scans local media publications for mention of ASID members – clips and scans all for Chapter digital history. ­
  • Receives and scans additional information and/or publications regarding members as may be obtained through donations by the membership.

Legislative Liaison

Chair: Aileen Fabella, ASID & IIDA

Government Affairs:  

Chair:  Aileen Fabella, ASID & IIDA,

  • Duties: Works closely with the Interior Design Coalition of Arizona (IDCA) and its efforts to pursue future legislation that advocates for our profession.
  • Keeps our Board and members aware of the latest occurrences within the legislative community.
  • Attends IDCA board meetings, events, and promotions.
  • Attends ASID National Legislative Symposium and reports back to Board; writes quarterly articles (at minimum) for Desert Design Magazine.

Sponsorship / Fundraising:

Board Members: President: Jennifer Biffer, ASID, and Kelly Dunlop, Allied ASID, president-­


Marketing Representative: Rick Emrich,

  • Duties: Encourages individuals/firms/vendors to assist funding Chapter activities, primarily relating to the Chapter’s annual Sponsorship Drive, Quarterly Desert Design Magazine ad sales, and Design Excellence Awards Event.
  • Uses the Chapter’s sponsorship forms, distributes sponsorship opportunities to membership, and follows­ up regularly via telephone, email, and personal visits.


Board Member: President: Jennifer Biffer, ASID, and Kelly Dunlop, Allied ASID,­

CASA-Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children

Chair: Jennifer Biffer, ASID,­