Emerging Professionals: Steelcase Research CEU

Emerging Professional events started the new year with a great event hosted by Atmosphere Commercial Interiors. The showroom exhibited the greatest and latest from Steelcase.

The provoking CEU covered the research that was conducted by Steelcase in 14 countries with over 10,500 employees and how satisfied they are with their current work environment. Space design and collaborative work, especially in North America, have made it possible for organizations to optimize their real estate and speed innovation. At the same time, these fast-growing trends have been compromised to individual work and worker privacy. Mobile devices have given rise to the phenomenon of mobile work, offering many employees an option to work almost anywhere – a freedom that they didn’t have before. However, alternative work settings are often either too isolating or too public, and they lack the technology access and other amenities that give workers what they want and need for sustained, productive work. Meanwhile, the proliferation of data, particularly new information technology, is making privacy invasion easier and that’s been exacerbating concerns and increasing awareness of privacy as a precious resource under threat. When it comes to solving for employee engagement in today’s world, place matters – a great deal. Highly engaged employees are also the most satisfied with their work environment, while highly disengaged employees, in contrast, are not.