DDMagazine: Ernesto Garcia, ASID -- Designer Spotlight

Ernesto Garcia – ASID

Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC
As published in SPRING 2017 DESERT DESIGN

I MADE MY FIRST FORAY INTO THE WORLD OF DESIGN IN A BLUE STROLLER AT THE PORTE DE Clignan court flea market in Paris. In her typical style, that is how my mother pushed me into the thrill of antique and object finding. It was, however, an expensive outing, as I managed to grab a vintage Saint Louis goblet, which no one could pry out of my hands or dared to. Just a few years later, on my own two feet and by the side of my grandfather, I started my long journey throughout the museums, churches, and piazzas of Europe. Grandpa had retired at the age of thirty-three from a successful venture in the garment industry and dedicated the rest of his life to pursue traveling and the appreciation of art and architecture; fortunately, I was often brought along on his adventures. The rest of my childhood was joyfully spent at the ateliers of various artists where I took drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Curiously enough, my path to architecture and design wasn’t a beeline; I made my dutiful stop at law school before becoming an architect. Diploma in hand, I continued my peripatetic journey hopping through studios in Europe and the US, and eventually found myself running the interior design departments at a few of them. It was a progressive transition, one in which my perception and treatment of buildings evolved from an abstract approach to space towards the particular treatment and scale of everyday life. Interiors became the place where I could create the confluence of my studies in the history of art, architecture, and style; most importantly, I found a métier in which I could positively affect the lives of the people who live in the rooms I design, and “that” as a design doyenne said: “…is good thing.”

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